Surfing in Bundoran

Bundoran is considered the surfing capital of Ireland. Indeed it was voted in the World’s ‘Top 20 Surfing Resorts’ by National Geographic in 2012 and was recently named Ireland’s ‘Best Place to Go Wild’.

It’s no wonder. The Donegal resort has the most consistent beach break in Ireland, which is found at Tullan Strand in Bundoran. This makes it ideal for beginner surfers and those who want to improve their surfing technique.

What’s more, the most high performance reef break  – known as the Peak – is also to be found in Bundoran. It generally attracts those who surf at a competitive level.

As a result, surfers have been coming to the Donegal resort, from other parts of the country and abroad, for many years. These days, there is a thriving surfing community in Bundoran, with two surfs shops and no less than five surf schools in the town.

Whatever your current surfing level, you’ll find a
surf package and a course to suit your needs in Bundoran. Beginner and improver surfers are advised to take some lessons at one of the five surf schools in Bundoran. All of these have been approved by the Irish Surfing Association and instructors will ensure you save safe at sea. Intermediate surfers tend to gravitate to Tullan Strand to experience Ireland’s most consistent beach break. Surfers of an advanced level are usually attracted to the Peak and some of the other reef breaks in the area. It’s no wonder Bundoran has hosted the likes of Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning in the past. There’s no doubting the quality of its surf.

If you or any your family would like to go surfing during your stay at the Holyrood, just let us know and we can make all the necessary arrangements.

Owen Murphy – Competitive Surfer and Owner of Murf’s Surf School
“You won’t find better surfing anywhere in the country. I grew up in Bundoran and have been surfing for over 20 years. I’m 28 now and own Murf’s Surf School in Bundoran. I also compete, both here in Ireland and abroad, and I train other surfers.

“I believe almost anyone can be taught to surf. You’ve a better chance of reaching a high performance level if you start at a young age, but I’ve seen quite a few adults start later in life and reach a high level of surfing. Like a lot of sports, it depends also on how much practice you put in.

“If you’re thinking of trying it for the first time, don’t invest in any equipment. Instead, enroll in a surf school, get a beginner’s lesson and hire the equipment. If you find you enjoy it, your surfing coach can advise you on what to buy at a later stage.

“The main thing is to enjoy yourself. Surfing is great exercise for the whole body and a lot of fun besides. 

“There really is no better feeling when you’re out there facing the Atlantic Ocean –just you and the elements. You feel completely alive and at one with nature. It’s amazing!”