Massage Treatments at The Spa @ Orchids

At The Spa @ Orchids we specialise in massage treatments. All of our therapists are highly trained and can tailor any type of massage to suit your needs. Not sure which one to choose? We’ll be happy to advise.

Swedish Back Massage
Is your back is a bit tense? A Swedish back massage can help to relieve it. The Swedish massage technique involves long, gliding movements and uses a slightly lighter pressure than a deep tissue massage. You’ll feel like a million dollars afterwards!
€50 - 30 mins

Indian Head Massage
There’s nothing more relaxing than an Indian Head massage when you’re head is working overtime. This alternative treatment uses Swedish massage technique to work on the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It relieves stress through out the entire body. You will be floating on air!
€50 - 30 mins 

Massage and Hopi Ear Candling
A Hopi ear candle is a cotton tube filled with beeswax, honey and essential oils. When inserted into the ears and set alight, it draws out impurities and relieves pressure on the head and sinuses. This treatment is highly effective and coupled with a relaxing head and face massage.  
€60 - 50 mins

Hot Stone Back Massage
Heated basalt stones are placed on specific areas of the back and used in place of the hands to massage the back. This treatment is great for relieving inflammation in the back muscles.
€55 - 30 mins

Swedish Full Body Massage
Using the Swedish method of massage, which involves gentle, gliding movements, the entire body in relaxed. Simply lie back and let our therapist go to work. You’ll feel amazing after this full body treatment.
€80 - 55 mins

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
This is a light, calming massage, which uses a blend of tisser and oil to work the whole body. The combination of finely scented aromatherapy oils and massage will completely relax you and leave you feeling stress-free and rejuvenated.  
€85 - 55 mins

Full Body Hot Stone Massage
Basalt stones, heated in hot water, are placed on pressure points on the body and used as instruments with which to massage. This treatment is great for relieving tension and releasing any built-up pressure. It leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again! 
€90 - 55 mins