Seaweed Baths

Seaside seaweed baths have an honoured place in our therapeutic history, traditionally recommended for alleviating dry skin, relieving aches and pains and aiding body detoxification.

Slide into the depths of the history of our seaweed bath in the luxury and comfort of our soothing candle lit room. This natural product is high in sulphur and iodine. It also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E and is rich in natural oils.  As you soak, the oils from the seaweed will transfer onto your skin. This coating increases perspiration to release system toxins. Depleted minerals are then replaced by the osmosis effect. Rubbing your skin with the seaweed during the bath stimulates circulation, smoothes the body, and removes wastes coming out on the skin surface. When the seaweed has done its work, the oil coating dissolves and floats off the skin. Each bath varies with the individual, the seaweeds used, and water temperature.

Breathe deeply and sense the tension, aches and pains simply slip away, an ideal way to unwind. Many therapeutic benefits are attributed to seaweed bathing.

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