Mothers To Be Treatments

At Escape Beauty and Spa, we’re aware that pregnant women can benefit greatly from beauty and relaxation treatments. We therefore offer a range of therapies, designed just for mothers-to-be. Sit back and relax in the hands of our highly trained staff, who will do their upmost to make you feel like a yummy-mummy-to-be!

Pregnancy Back Massage
Is your back a little sore with the weight of pregnancy? Perhaps you find you’re tired and lacking in energy? Our Pregnancy Back Massage should sort you out. Expect to have all your aches and pains erased, using refreshing aromatic essential oils. You’ll be walking on air afterwards.

Full Body Maternity Massage
The Full Body Maternity Back Massage is a full body massage, designed specifically for pregnant women. Using essential aromatic oils, we target areas in which you may feel added stress due to being pregnant. The oils in addition prevent the development of stretch marks and improve the skin’s elasticity.

Deluxe Leg Relief Pedicure
Fluid retention in the legs is a common complaint during pregnancy. However it’s one that can be treated with our Deluxe Leg Relief Pedicure. This treatment incorporates a full pedicure using Yon-Ka beauty products, and it aims to targets water retention in the leg and ankle area. Your lower legs and feet will be wrapped in cool bandages afterwards, leaving them lighter and cool.

Mums-to-be Pamper Package
If you really want to feel like a new mother-to-be, the Mums-to-be Package is the best option. It incorporates a full body massage, with a Yon-Ka facial and a foot soak.

First you will be given a soothing foot soak. This is followed by a full body pregnancy massage, using essential oils, which prevent stretch marks and are designed to make you relax. Afterwards a mini-facial, using Yon-Ka products, will be performed. Your muscle aches will be eased, excess fluid reduced and your skin will look and feel revitalised.