Facials at The Spa @ Orchids

The Spa @ Orchids offers a wide range of facials, all of which use products from the luxurious Yon-Ka range.

These are no ordinary facials. Each is an experience from start to finish, which will not only improve your appearance, but cleanse, tone and hydrate your face, increasing elasticity and smoothing away lines. You’ll come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Whatever your skin type, we have the perfect facial for you. Sit back, relax and let our expert beauty therapists go to work.

While most treatments last for approximately 25-55 minutes, give yourself an hour or more or each facial at The Soa @ Orchids in order to fully to receive the full benefit of the treatment.  

The Beauty Break - Escale Beaute
This is a very relaxing facial, which improves your complexion and makes your skin softer to the touch. Botanical extracts cleanse the skin, while the scent of citrus fruit and essentials oils re-energises and stimulates it.
€50.00 - 30 mins

Le Grande Classique
A deep-pre cleansing, relaxing and restoring facial, le Grande Classique is tailored to each individual’s needs. Skin is cleansed, massaged and invigorated, using essential oils, which leave it clean and radiant.
€80.00 - 55 mins

Hydralessence Visage
Is your skin dehydrated at the moment? If the answer is yes then this is the facial for you. Expect to be smothered in a divine-smelling, hydrating mixture of oils, cream and elixirs, all expertly massaged into the face, leaving your skin completely rehydrated and looking fresh and revived.
€90.00 - 55 mins

Time Resist

Smoothing restructuring, anti-wrinkle facial. Potent anti-wrinkle facial for all aging skin. Skin is infused with Stimulastine Elixir a rich oil mask boasting beech buds rich in amino acids and peptides to restructure and regenerate. Skin is left vitalised, nourished and with increased elasticity.

€90.00 - 55mins